Divine Rose Love Bomb

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Atomic Love Collection 

Rose Gold mini Love Bomb pendant set with Pink Tourmaline precious gemstone.

'A Key to the Heart, Unlock Divine Love for Oneself or Another' 

Transformation of the nuclear bomb into iconic mini Love Bomb pendant. A solid, smooth rounded shape that makes for a tactile and perfectly weighted piece of jewellery. Available in contemporary box chain or retro rope chain on choice chain length. 

Pendant: Rose gold vermeil, 9ct Recycled Rose Gold or 18ct Fairtrade Rose Gold 

Pendant Length: 20mm 

Chain Length: 16inch, 24inch or 30inch

Chain Type: Box Chain or Rope Chain

Gemstone: Pink Tourmaline   

Inspired by the Lovebullets story

'Bombs and Bullets would frost in mid-air, all emotions of being would change giving thought a new breath of life sending anger down in a hail of Love Bullets and Love Bombs of mystical beauty and passionate Love'

A gemstone that touches the Heart with a soft soothing energy, the ultimate love stone radiating higher divine love frequencies. Pink tourmaline emits a deeply healing vibration assisting in clearing emotional wounds and opening the heart to surrender to Love. The perfect stone to encourage self-love, compassion and gentleness filling the soul with positive and nurturing vibrations.
Mineral: Pink Tourmaline
Colour: Rose Pink
Chakra Frequency: Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra
Qualities: Divine Love and Emotional Healing
Element: Water 
Birth Month: October
Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Libra
Gold vermeil involves layering gold onto pure sterling silver pieces using an electrical current called 'electro-plating', resulting in a solid layer of thick gold encasing the silver. The thick gold layer protects the piece from tarnishing for much longer than regular gold-plated jewellery. 
We electro-plate 3 microns of 18ct recycled gold onto our sterling silver pieces for a high quality vermeil finish. A more affordable approach to making and buying  long lasting gold styles. 
Rose gold has gained popularity over recent years and is being used more widely in jewellery because of its beautiful soft warm pink hue.This complexion is achieved by adding copper to the alloy mixture. Its pink colouring gives it a vintage romantic appeal and complements most skin tones. 
We offer our styles in 9ct and 18ct ethical fairtrade certified gold which is known as 'Gold with a Heart'. This gold can be traced back to the source and has been mined following strict guidelines protecting workers rights as well as respecting the environment. A more sustainable approach to the future of gold aiming to ban all forms of conflict mineral. 
9ct Rose Gold
Contains 37.5% pure gold mixed with 43% copper and 20% silver, a more affordable version of the style. 
18ct Rose Gold 
Contains 75% pure gold  mixed with 25% copper giving this lighter pink colour due to the higher percentage of gold content.

Gold purity is measured in carats(ct) ranging from 8ct to 24ct gold. The  purest gold is a soft malleable metal and is rarely used for jewellery making as it is susceptible to breaking easily or scratching. To counter this most jewellery is mixed with other metals to make the perfect hardness to create durable pieces.

All of our pieces are handmade in London and packaged in our classic little red box. We carry most styles in stock, please allow 2 weeks from the order date as some of the styles are made to order for clients. Once the order has been shipped you will receive a tracking code via email or text.
If you have any questions about a style please contact us.
Exchanges, returns and refunds

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Bullet Care 

To maintain your product store in a safe dry place, keep jewellery away from water or moist areas such as bathrooms, it is also advised to avoid wearing jewellery when doing exercise. You can occasionally clean your gold and silver jewellery gently to maintain its brilliant shine. Although crystals and gems are tough minerals, they are also delicate so be gentle with your pieces.  


Divine Rose Love Bomb