Two days of elrow at Lovebullets, Glastonbury Festival !

We have joined forces with elrow for two spectacular shows at 'The House That Love Built' at Glastonbury Festival on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd June 2017.

With their insane creativity, the spanish party experts will debut  'Nomads, The New World' in the UK at the Lovebullets stage in The Glade, located at the beating heart of Glastonbury's sprawling festival metropolis!

elrow, one of the planet's most infectious party concepts are set to tear a hole through time and space, transporting Glastonbury festival-goers to a strange dimension where stone-age cave dwellers, medieval knights, Bedouins and ancient Egyptians dance with giant blue space people and an array of bizarre and unusual creatures, as dazzling bursts of bright colour fill the alien atmosphere with sparkle and delight. Find the star-gate, open it up and time travel your way to the past, present and future for the wildest party in the galaxy. 

The full force flamboyance, interactive performances and larger-than-life party antics are set to start on the opening day of the festival and will begin in the early afternoon with two 13 hours stints of high quality music.

Thursday 22nd June

2pm - 3am

Skream, Santé & Sidney Charles, Mele, Marc Maya, TONI Varga, Lord Leopard, Paolo Francesco

Friday 23rd June 2pm - 3am 

Eats Everything, Kölsch, TONI Varga B2B wAFF, De la swing B2B Robert James, Marc Maya, Lord Leopard