Since 2008

 'The aim during the design process is to soften the hardness of war artillery enthusing these objects with a new life and usage, changing perceptions and working with their shapes uncovering subtle beauty in the most unlikely places' 


Lovebullets is a British conceptual fashion brand with an ethos of transforming items of destruction into works of art, crystal jewellery and fashion accessories to express an ideology of love overriding negative thought.

The concept originated from a fantasy story written by designer and founder Martin. The story tells a tale of mystical love angels with power to transform items of destruction into beautiful works of art. This story was brought to life at Glastonbury Festival in 2008 as Martin rode to the festival in a DJ booth decommissioned army tank with his girlfriend and co-founder Eve.

The 'Love Tank', played host to fun filled hedonistic parties in the infamous night time area, Shangri-la and the original Love Bullet crystal pendants were spotted by the fashion press on festival trendsetting influencers such as Lily Allen, Pixie Geldof and Kelly Osborne, the brand received incredible media exposure. Lovebullets has grown organically and continues to have an extensive list of followers, gaining huge admiration from musical artists who support the message and free spirited attitude of the brand.

The original line of Love Bullet crystal pendants has since grown, using the rawness of manipulated brass bullet shells blended with crystals and slick casted sterling silver and gold pieces all designed, handcrafted and made in the UK by a team of artisans. Lovebullets flies the flag for high quality British made goods. The commercial aesthetic of the designs makes Lovebullets extremely desirable.

Lovebullets events have continued to grow, pushing the creative boundaries through innovation staging the World's finest quality music acts and independent record labels. This is a unique experience and a celebration of Lovebullets heritage within musical culture. The shows are an opportunity to showcase new artistic innovations and communicate a message of love and unity.