Shungite information

Earths most ancient hydro-carbon based rock 'Shungite' has a jet-black or silvery-black finish depending on the variety. It originates from a region called Karelia between Finland and Russia and was named after a Russian village called 'Shun'ga'. Legends of its healing powers originate back to usage in the 16th Century during 'Ivan the terrible' reign. 'Peter the Great' later famously constructed the first Russian spa using Shungite spring water and would make each and every soldier carry a piece of Shungite to purify water and clean wounds.

Fast forward to current times, the rise of technology and the sea of electropollution that surround us; Shungite has been hailed as the ultimate mineral to absorb and neutralise electro-magneticradiation (EMF) waves due to its unique molecular structure, in particular the purest form containing fullerenes found in type 1 varieties. Unlike other rocks, the high carbon content in shunghite has a high electrical conductivity more similar to a metal that a mineral. 

Variety Classification 
Type 1 Noble Shunghite: 98% Carbon Raw Nuggets (Shiny Black)
Type 2 Classic Shunghit 50%-70% Carbon Smooth Finish (Matt Black)
Colour: Shadow Black
Chakra Frequency: All
Qualities: Purification, Protection and detoxifying
Element: Fire, wind and storm
Planet: Earth